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Port fund of Paros and Antiparos

Telephone: +30 22840 28529

Protection from winds

The port is protected from north winds all year long.

Electrical power infrastructures

It is possible to provide power at a charge of 0,80 € / Kwh (Decree 21/2017 by the Board of Directors of the Municipal Port Fund of Paros - Antiparos)

Water infrastructure

Water is available at a charge of € 2.00 per cubic metre (Decree 21/2017 by the Board of Directors of the Municipal Port Fund of Paros - Antiparos)

Boat slip

The facility has a slip for small boats.

Restaurants - Cafeterias

There are restaurants - tavernas, ouzo bars, bakeries, cafés, super markets and mini markets along the harbour.


There are public toilets.


Ekatontapiliani: One of the most important and best preserved Christian temples in Greece. According to legacy, the temple was built in mid-4th century by either St. Helen or Constantine the Great, who redeemed his mother's vow. There has been a temple at the very same site, dating from well before the 4th century.

Ancient cemetery: Located on the beach at the Vinzi area and in use from the 8th century BC until the 2nd century AD. The Archaeological Museum: Particularly remarkable with finds from Paros and Despotiko in Antiparos, located near Ekatontapyliani. The Byzantine Museum: Located in the area of Ekatontapyliani, with icons, wood carvings and religious relics of rare craftsmanship from the times of Byzantine and Ottoman rule.

Venetian Castle:Located on the hill of the old town and built by the Venetian duke of Naxos, Sanudo (13th century), with architectural pieces integrated from three archaic temples and two classical era temples of the ancient city. Of these, only a small section of the archaic temple of Athena (6th century BC) survives on top of the hill. Part of an Early Cycladic settlement was unearthed next to the foundations of the temple.

The church of St. Constantine: Located on the hill with the medieval castle. A stunning architectural temple with a sheltered courtyard and spectacular views of the sea.

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